Nouvelles d'un SEL à Madison, WI (USA) avec 2000 adhérents après 6 ans (avec moins d'habitants que Genéve)

At 6 years old and nearly 2000 members, the Dane County TimeBank and its participants are learning a lot about how to use mutual credit exchange to help create the communities we want to live in. And we have a lot more to learn! So do the thousands of other cooperative problem-solving initiatives around the world. So we're going to work together to learn what works locally, what doesn't work and why – and share that information with each other across the globe! And we'll support each other’s efforts, share our successes and pool our risks. Part of this journey involves building leadership skills so lots of people can take initiative to improve their communities. We'll start by highlighting what people around here have learned so far, working to use cooperative tools in the areas of food security, community justice, public safety, ecological sustainability, healthy human-scaled economic development, wellness, housing access, poverty relief and more.

Many people in Dane County do not own cars or drive. Because of a disability, health problem, or just unfamiliarity, they may need help in order to use public transportation.
Ten wonderful TimeBank members have now been trained to provide the training and the assistance they need.
Now we need trainees! Feel free to use this service and to tell your friends and neighbors.
We are working with social workers, case managers, family members and volunteer groups. The goal is for the TimeBank to help promote independence and fuller participation in community life.
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